Monday, February 22, 2010

i'm sorry i forgot about you, little blog

i am totally aware that no one reads this anymore. but i have decided i am going to start posting stuff again. right now i'm tired, but check back tomorrow (hopefully).

yep... that's it.

Friday, September 11, 2009

week one...

not that anybody actually reads this anymore, but i am still going to talk about my first week of sophomore (!) year. 

i am taking zero period aerobics this year, which was probably a stupid decision because i now have to be at school at 6:30 every day. i want to sleep so badly right now. but, it's a heck of a lot better than p.e. or sports or something i don't really like. yesterday we played poker and today we played on those step things you're supposed to work out on. sure waking up at 5:30 sucks, but no sweating = happy elise.

my first period algebra II/trig honors with mr. grabowski...
i am not sure how i feel about this class yet... i love math, but it is just so darn boring. my teacher is one of those people who makes jokes and tries really hard not to laugh at his own jokes, then gets noticeably embarrassed when no one laughs. with that aside, i think you're great mr. grabowski. and and today we noticed that he might be the same guy who plays the janitor on that old nickelodeon show ned's declassified... did anybody else watch that in like 6th grade?

next i have chemistry with mrs. harvey...
sorry mrs. harvey, but your class is an ongoing struggle of trying to maintain consciousness.

third is spanish II with mrs. mclellan...
everybody says this class is so fun. i didn't think so until she introduced us to her flat stanely version of a pinata and all the pictures her students had taken with it.

next is ap euro with dr. corbett...
i was so intimidated the first day i walked into that class (maybe because i came in late and received a 20 second antagonistic stare from him) but i am really starting to like it. not going to lie, the teacher scares the crap out of me at times, but i am actually enjoying it. i am sure i will regret saying that after the first test.

then i have english II honors with mrs. brincks...
i think that mrs. brincks might be my favorite teacher... i have only had three classes with her but she already seems the nicest. i knew i would love this class as soon i saw the reading list. i know that sounds nerdy, whatever. i love english.

aaanndddd my favorite part of the day....
i have a free 6th period, which means i get to go home at 12:20 every tuesday and thursday, and 1:45 on mondays. great? i think so.

so, if there is anybody who is reading this and might feel compelled to comment, how was your first week of school?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

oh look, i blogged.

i have seen lots of "terribly happy" lists lately, and really wanted to make one for myself, so if anyone actually still reads this, here it goes...

10 things that make me terribly happy:

1. walking on tree lined streets
2. making & completing to-do lists
3. fireplaces
4. old-fashioned malt shops
5. beach hair
6. long car rides with my favorite people
7. "me too!" moments
8. when the vegetables in my garden actually grow
9. black and white photos
10. when i wake up and fall asleep smiling

Saturday, June 20, 2009

i know it's a long way off, but i really want my wedding to look something like this...

I am too lazy to copy all the pictures and post them, but I think that this photographer is just lovely and I love love love that location of this wedding (:

Saturday, March 21, 2009

you know what's really creepy?

your mom trying to explain to your dad what a bromance is.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

3% of the way done...

i am a tad bit upset right now, because i just checked my driver's ed progress to find that i am only 3% of the way done. THREE PERCENT!
and, it is mostly taught through these hideous and outdated videos... how bad do you feel for me right now?

needless to say, i am definitely not looking forward to the remaining 93%.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some Things I Don't Really Like...

+ Waking up in my own bed at a time later than 6 AM and not having breakfast at the Kitale Club and not seeing the adorable faces of all the kids.

+ Not having my friends with me at all times like I have for the past two weeks.

+ Having to wear a seatbelt again. But I am really thankful for the paved roads now...

+ Already forgetting what happened the past two weeks, and trying to find time to write it all down before all I have left it pictures.

+ Being jet-lagged.

+ Saving all my make-up school work for the day before I go back to school, which is also the same day I need to unpack, catch up on sleep, and when people from my team want to go shopping or to the beach or various fun activities.

Don't worry, there are definitaley still things I don't mind about America, a few of them being hot showers, clean water, Chipotle, and lots more.

Monday, February 16, 2009

It's About Time I Blogged....

So I think I will blog about my experiences in Kenya!
Just not yet though, because I am still in that delirious jet-lagged state.
Soon, though (:

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Combination of Two Really Great Shows


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Camp Rock Slide

I do love those JoBros with all my heart, but this was pretty dang funny...